Core Rewards

The Core Product Range consists of over 2,000 SKUs which we have identified as the fastest-selling products across all major product categories.

It’s easy – purchase the qualifying amount of stock each month from the Core Product Range and get a rebate!

Earn up to 5% Rebate

Increase your profits

We want to help you drive sales and make bigger profits for your business. The way to do that is to ensure you stock the best selling products your customers expect to find in a convenience store. That’s why we’ve chosen a Core Product Range to make these products simple for you to find at Bestway Wholesale.

Suitable stock for the season

The Core Product Range is refreshed every 3 months to ensure it is up-to-date with the latest trends and customer demands. We will identify a maximum of 250 products as part of a Core Rewards Range, which we will change every 3 months to be relevant for the season.

It’s even possible to get a whopping 10% rebate

Basically if you buy at least 75% of the Core Rewards products, we will give you up to 5% rebate! And that is in addition to the 5% rebate you can already receive through the “My Rewards” rebate! Yes that’s right… that means Best-one retailers can now earn up to 10% rebate!

Best-one shop display

1. Qualifying for the rebate

Each quarter, there will be up to 250 products that are part of Core Rewards. Simply purchase a minimum of 1 case of each Core Rewards product from 75% of the Core range, that’s just 188 products across one month to earn up to 5% rebate, paid the following month.

Purchase a minimum 1 case of 75% of all Core Rewards productsGet up to 5% rebate

Rebate Tiers (based on WSP):

All Soft Drinks
(for example, WSP £8.99 earns 45p)
5% WSP
Ready To Drink Spirits
(for example, WSP £18.99 earns 57p)
3% WSP
Beers & Ciders
(for example, WSP £18.39 earns 55p)
3% WSP
(for example, WSP £31.25 earns 63p)
2% WSP
Wines & Perry
(for example, WSP £29.30 earns 59p)
2% WSP


This quarter there are

244 products

that are part of the Core Rewards scheme.

You Need

You need to purchase a minimum of 1 case of each of

183 Different SKUs

out of the 244 Core Reward products, within one calendar month, to hit the 75% compliance.

You Earn

Example: 52 week period EARNING POTENTIAL

75% Compliance = £1,737.57

95% Compliance = £1,829.02

2. Receiving the rebate

You will receive rebate payments in the month following. For example, if you achieve compliance on Core Rewards in November, you will be credited for the rebate in December.

3. Measuring your compliance

You will receive weekly reports and a monthly overview report which will track your level of compliance. These reports will show your actual rebate earnings and your potential rebate earnings if you were to stock more Core Rewards products. Look out for these emails from our appointed external provider SalesOut Ltd.

Core Product Range

Core Product Range

View the latest Core Product Range brochure here. Browse the Core SKUs we’ve identified as the fastest-selling products across the major product categories, stock up your store with Core products, drive your sales and look forward to your rebate.

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