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What is Blucozade?

Lucozade is turning the market blue with the launch of three new drinks: Lucozade Sport Blue Force, Lucozade Energy Blue Burst and Lucozade Alert Blue Rush have joined the existing Lucozade range.

This cross-category innovation creates an exciting line up of new drinks across the Lucozade brand, adding a splash of colour to retailers' chillers and creating real excitement for shoppers.

Why Should I stock Blucozade?

Sport and energy drinks are growing ahead of the category, currently seeing 80.5%1 and 16.9%2 value sales growth respectively.

Lucozade Alert is experiencing incredible 31.4% YOY growth.3

Lucozade Energy and Lucozade Sport are going from strength to strength, with increases of 6.5%4 and 17.8%5 in YOY value sales respectively.

43% of shoppers are more likely to purchase drinks with appealing flavours.6

Available Formats

  • Lucozade Alert Blue Rush: 500ml PMP
  • Lucozade Energy Blue Burst: 500ml PMP and 900ml PMP
  • Lucozade Sport Blue Force: 500ml PMP