Customer Service Helpdesk

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, or need assistance in setting up your account or scanning devices you can call our Customer Services helpdesk or fill in our contact form.

+44 (0)1738 646666

Bestway Direct Technical Support


By accepting an invitation from Bestway Direct Technical Support: You accept total responsibility for any changes made to the desktop content or system settings: You confirm that Bestway will have no liability ( whether, direct, indirect, consequential, in tort or otherwise) for the linking and viewing of any desktop content. The operation of the scanuploader software or hardware performance: and you agree that this limitation of liability is fair as no concideration or reward has been paid to bestway for their assistance. As such, Bestway Direct Technical Support recommends you have up to date virus definitions installed and remain at your desktop and obsserve the entirety of the remote session. Bestway cannot disclaim liability for personal injury.

Remote Access Software


Once the remote accesing software has been downloaded, you must click on 'run' and then provide the user i.d and password to the technical support operator.

Please confirm you have read and agreed to the disclaimer above.